Share your Initial Thoughts

Please comment on this post with any questions that you have thought of after viewing the initial presentation about the 10-20 Year Facilities Master Plan.

8 thoughts on “Share your Initial Thoughts”

  1. As a teacher in the school, I think that there needs to be more restrooms added to the school wing. There are 275 kids using 9 stalls in the girls’ restrooms currently. (I’m not sure about the boys’ restroom.) The teachers really think that there needs to be more because this is already an issue and if we are adding classrooms that means more students trying to use the same restrooms. There are always lines in there currently while some classes have to wait in the hall for others to come out. Please consider adding some additional, much needed restrooms to the school wing.

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  2. Thank you for the opportunity to hear about the long range plan for OLC. Jeff and I left the meeting last night very excited for the future. I wanted to take a minute and revisit Jeff’s question/comment that I’m not sure was completely understood by the panel. Jeff asked if there has ever been a church that has financed a project like this by hosting an event for the community at large where the community at large may not entirely know or realize that they were contributing to a capital campaign. Jeff had Rockford Ninja Warrior (which we understand to be helping to fund the building of Bridgeway Community Church) and the Holy Spirit Carnival on the west side in mind. We’ll be prayerfully trying to come up with some ideas. A big name summer concert on the softball field (too much liability?) or something like the January Series at Calvin (except it wouldn’t be free) are my ideas….. but not sure either of those would yield a worthwhile profit. I mention them because maybe they will inspire someone else to come up with the big idea!


  3. I have one more idea and one question…. #1 Any opportunities to put a cell tower on OLC property? I think EGR funded or partially funded their football stadium in this fashion several years ago. #2 Has a building fund already been started since Fr. Tony announced the mortgage was paid off a few years ago?


    1. Andrea,
      Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I am not aware that they have discussed the installation of power cells, but I will pass your information along to the planning committee. As for the fundraisers, we welcome any ideas you may have. We are equally as excited about this plan and would very much like it to progress forward so we can ensure a dynamic future of Our Lady.

      For your last question about the building fund, yes there has been money put into savings. I do not know the exact amount at this time, however we do have some money saved.


  4. Thank you for posting the initial presentation on line. It was very informative and I look forward to hearing more about our master plan for growth in the future.


  5. My question at the meeting was about how many parishioners have left OLC for John Paul II, or other parishes. It was my understanding that one of the reasons the Diocese opened John Paul II was to take some pressure off of OLC and Assumption. Perhaps this information could be gained by asking the office staff at John Paul II which parishes their parishioners came from? Or, doesn’t the Diocesan office know when families move from one church to another (assuming people register as parishioners)? I do think this is an important question. We were at a parish previously where we helped refurbish the school (they also wanted a new gym) and build a family center, and then within about two years they were talking about closing the school. OLC school does seem to be bursting at the seams, but the church isn’t standing room only most of the time.


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