Letter from Fr. Tony 9/10-11

Sept. 9/10, 2017


Dear Parishioners,


In a time when many talk about a diminished Catholic Church, there are parishes across the country that are receiving the light of Christ and are transforming themselves into shining stars of hope that defy the skeptics and the undiscerning.


I’m glad to continue to share with you more background details of the Master Plan process and a proposed parish project that is beginning to take shape. Specifically, I’d like to address questions that came up before and during the Feasibility Study, regarding the finances of a project and the impact on the parish in the short and long term.


Our priority is to address the needs of the parish for the next 20-30 years based on the mission of Our Lady of Consolation. As we examine the growing needs of our faith community, it was determined during the Feasibility Study that we should primarily focus on additional parking, relocation of the rectory, expansion/renovation of the Education Center and a revamped Parish Center/gymnasium. Expansion of the church, which is part of our Master Plan, is a low priority at this time and won’t be considered for many years.


What has been mentioned of utmost concern by parishioners is the future operating costs of the parish.  Be assured, part of the plan includes an organizational, mission-driven budget, projecting expenses and revenues for the next two to three years based on the impact on staffing, utilities and maintenance increases.  Our emphasis will be on avoiding long-term debt and being fiscally responsible.


In the coming weeks, we’ll share more details about the campaign, including its leadership and a calendar of next steps. This project is our responsibility to the entire diocese as a flagship parish in this area of Kent County. Thank you for your ongoing interest in this project and helping to make Our Lady of Consolation a joyful, vibrant faith community.


God bless,


Father Tony


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